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ACL solutions transform the way governance, risk and compliance groups identify, investigate and mitigate business risks. Whether your organization needs a data-driven GRC solution or a robust data analysis solution, ACL’s integrated technology help maximize growth opportunities by identifying, investigating and mitigating risk and protecting profits.

ACL™ GRCprovides seamless management of enterprise risks, mitigation activities, project execution and remediation of results. Enterprise Continuous Monitoring, powered byACL™ Analytics Exchangetakes recurring analysis to the next level through centralized data extraction, analysis, exception management, reporting and visualization. Data Analysis, powered byACL™ Analyticsallows for easy analysis of enterprise data, increasing coverage and saving team’s valuable time. It’s no wonder that ACL continues to be the leading choice for data analytics world over. AH Consulting works with CQS to deliver ACL in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia. For further information, visit

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