Specialised Services to Deliver on Commitments made by Stakeholders in the Sector

As energy becomes a significant driver for economic growth, oil and gas prices continue to affect economic activities world over. At current world energy consumption levels, additional oil and gas discoveries and production will bridge the gap created by increasing energy demand. In Africa, the challenges will continue to hover around regulation, institutional changes and capacity building among many others in addition to the typical concerns of exploration and development of new fields in remote areas, economic adjustment to the oil to gas production environment, and maintenance of production.

AH Consulting works closely with specialized service oil and gas providers with a combined experience of over 100 years in the oil and gas industry to deliver services to the entire sector, governments and stakeholders to deliver against the promised goals and mission, and to address the challenges that face the countries today.

With the oil and gas industry in its nascent development stages across sub-Saharan Africa, AH Consulting’s experts with experience in UK North Sea operations and partnerships with US, Middle East, Asia and UK based service firms provide solutions to equip clients in overcoming challenges in the horizon. Having worked with super majors, independent oil companies and oil services companies, AH Consulting is your partner across the oil and gas value chain.



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